LED THROWIES - can AG 13 batteries be used?

Thowie instructions say 3 volt CR2032 batteries - I was told AG 13 would work.  We are using throwies made with soft white LED 's to put in white paper lanterns for a wedding.  We want to "light" the lanterns the day before, so need them to burn well for at least 36 hours.  Any suggestions or help is appreciated!

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juspla (author) 6 years ago
Thank you all for your help and sending me in the right direction!
iceng6 years ago
Looking at a CR2032 discharge curve it looks like, if you can limit
your led current to 20 ma you will have all the time you want.

Yes, the CR2032 voltage is lower then the led 3.4V,
that is what limits the current without destroying your white led.
I would still test it before a big buy.

You need to know I have some purchased 4 wire color led thowies
using a china uP that runs on  three AG13 batteries in series
that's 4.5 VDC probably because a blue led needs 3.6 VDC and
white leds are actually blues with two other phosphors.

frollard iceng6 years ago

If they need to be prepped in advance, you can always tape them together with a paper slip under the metal contact of the led -- so they can all be assembled, then when its time to light them day-of, it's a quick pull (on a string/thread) to turn them on.
juspla (author)  frollard6 years ago
That is a great idea - we want to do as much in advance as possible. Guess I just need to get some and play/test it out before hand. Appreciate the reply. Vicki
frollard juspla6 years ago
frollard juspla6 years ago
There's a great instructable on here that a guy engraved led 'throwie' lightup table name markers -- and he used binder clips to do the clipping, easy to assemble last minute.
iceng6 years ago
White leds need 3.6V the ag13 wont do.
karnuvap iceng6 years ago
ONE AG13 won't do it.

Two might.
juspla (author) 6 years ago
Thank you - I had a feeling it wouldn't. Saved me from purchasing something I couldn't use