LED accent lighting

I want to add LED accent lighting to the mirrors in my bathroom renovation. I installed receptacles behind each mirror Can I power a short LED light strip with a USB charging block plugged into a 120v receptacle?

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iceng29 days ago

If you find a 5 volt strip take note how much current it draws lest you overload the block..

Most strips as Steve points out are 12V for a reason.. At 12 volts there are usually three LEDs in series that light at 20ma per group, while at 5V only one LED is powered... This means, to light three LEDs at 5 volts your strip would need to draw a current of 60ma or three times the current of a 12v string..

MONROEJOE (author)  iceng29 days ago

I found a strip online that is 5V and draws 3.2 Watts. Would it be better if I found a 12V string and use a 12V adaptor?

iceng MONROEJOE28 days ago

Sounds good 5V 3.2W ==> 640 ma Current..

The Apple USB block can deliver 5W

So go ahead and use the 5V strip..

You can find 12V adapter of similar size to the standard USB ones on Ebay for example.
Most only give a few hundred mA, so check your requirements first and if something to cover you is available.
If you have the the space then an LED downlight transformer from the hardware store would be perfect.
You would have to add a rectifier though or as said in another topic by one of the experts: use two strips antiparallel.
No fan of the last but I trust it works just fine.

Depends on the strip ! They are usually 12V in my experience though