LED's and Arduino Question,,,,

LED's and Arduino Question,,,, I am looking to install LED lights (a LOT) in a 1:18 diecast car. I'm slowly grasping the wire schematics, and feel the install wont be too tough (yeah right)... But, I am looking for a way to turn the lights on/off. Since I will put lights (or extend fiber optics to) tail lights, blinkers (front and rear) brake lights, fog lights, running (marker) lights, head lights, and a bevy of interior point lights via a Fiber Optic layout. My main question is the lighting controls. As you can see, I need to be able to switch a variety of lights, in different modes,,, Blinking for 4-way, blinking for turn signal, all on, just running lights on, and brakes lights on....Anyone care (dare) to step in?

Similar to this... http://youtu.be/WbqQ0tUtX3U

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DK864 years ago
Hey, are you still working on this project? I myself am also working on it. Arduino Nano with IR controller and LED. If you need help let me know!
vwluvrs (author)  DK864 years ago
I have since this started, got a pretty good schematic to make up the 'board'.. but Im not a electronics specialist.. open to all the help I can get
DK86 vwluvrs4 years ago
well, I use the arduino nano in my project.
the programa what I made now works how it should be with remote control.

must now only install everything.

Here a movie from the beginning.

Meanwhile the operate blinkers left, right and 4-way also work.

if you want to test programa feel free let me know
You can use IR remote and some microcontroller to finish your project . It should not cost you more than $50-60.
Jayefuu5 years ago
With remote control, or a switch on the bottom like that guy had? Unless you want it remote controlled you really don't need an arduino, just some small switches.
vwluvrs (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
I received a reply form the gent, who has since that video, come up with a remote control to make the lights change,,,, Now your talking way cool! He wants $150 for the remote and the module... I don't think lights are included in his 'kit'.
How tough would it be to make up an RF controller of my own?
Jayefuu vwluvrs5 years ago
Does that car move or is it just a model? If it doesn't move then IR would be good enough.
vwluvrs (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Static car, 1:18 diecast car