LG Rumour 2 (Bell Network) ringtone troubleshoot

Hi all, I just recently got my hands on an LG Rumour 2 (Bell Network). I was happy until I realized that I couldn't upload my customized ringtones. Is there a way for me to hack into my cell phone or work around this? I'd really like to be able to add my ringtones without paying for them.

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XSlane7 years ago
Use the built in Bluetooth capabilities and make sure you have an SD card in!
msb647 years ago
I got a rumor 2 for sprint and i'm trying to get music on it, but it says invalid file, or says there is a problem playing the clip. Does any body know how to do this?
XSlane msb647 years ago
Use Bluetooth, then go to Browse device underneath the LG RUMOR2 option in the bluetooth menu. If you have an SD card in, click on the file, then drag and drop.
salarys7 years ago
I just use ringtone maker and i think it is a very good software
may be you can have a try !
lemonie8 years ago
If you get a data cable you should be able to upload ringtones from your PC

sweetridecaddy (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Wouldn't that be the same as me using my eReader or Bluetooth? My problem is not playing songs on my phone, but actually saving them to my phone - there's nowhere to put them!