Laptop does not charge and audio is also gone. Pls help!!

I have a Dell Inspiron 9200 which is abt 5yrs old. My original DELL charger went bad so i started using the DELL charger for my work laptop. However, whenever i rebooted it gave me a warning message stating your system performance will be slow when using this power adapter. I ignored it and continued using it for a few weeks until i got a blue screen stating "the disk is unmountable". I immediately ordered a new replacement adapter. I also ordered a replacement battery coz i noticed that the battery charge ran out pretty quickly and i always had to have the laptop on AC power all the time. The blue screen went away after replacing the adapter. Few weeks after this, the audio suddenly stopped working and now the laptop just doesnt charge. Is the motherboard gone bad? Should i just buy a new laptop or is it gonna be cheaper repairing the existing one? Pls help!!?

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110100101108 years ago
is the power input socket damaged ? sometimes the entire problem is in it

run a linux cd like knoppix 5.1 and see if audio and everything works in it. if yes then you have software problems or problem with your hard drive (that does not affect knoppix cause it is a cd)
AJ81 (author)  110100101108 years ago
yes. Looks like i have a broken/bad DC power jack coz earlier i was able to charge the laptop by holding the power adapter tightly into the socket in a certain position but now it does not charge at all. I remember pulling the laptop away thinking it was unplugged while it was still plugged into the power outlet which could have broken the power jack but i dont know what could have caused the audio & the loudspeaker to stop working. Will i have to replace the motherboard?
maybe no open the computer fix the power socket look for obvious visible faults elsewhere plug in and test !
It might be simpler and possibly cheaper just to buy a new one. Sometimes the audio system wires stop working, so... Sorry, I mainly work with Toshiba. Also the power supply could be due to a build-up of crap on the battery terminals.
ANDY!8 years ago
Try using a Q-tip to clean the plug for the laptop.
johnnywgk8 years ago
chargers for laptops are not always compatable. the ac. adaptor voltage MUST be the same. amperage MUST be the same or higher NOT lower. someone else will be along to tell you what you need to do next if anything can be done, i'm not sure myself