Laptop im having problems with continues to crash and...?

Well, ive got a friends laptop im trying to fix and im pretty clueless on what's wrong with it. I refitted and checked everything on it, but it will still contiue to crash every so often (Freeze up completly or restart randomly) and most of the time when I try to turn it back on the screen fails to do anything. Im pretty sure all the hardware is fine, ive taken a look at all the insides, and ive also reloaded the software on it.


This is a emachines d620.

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bwrussell7 years ago
Are there any symptoms right before a crash? I would guess heat too 'cause my old laptop has a bad fan and crashes.

If it is heat any fans that still work will start to run at full speed right before a crash and you should notice a serious performance drop (stuttering video, lagging, etc), also put your hand by a vent after doing something like playing a game or watching a video, it will be uncomfortably hot to touch.

Have you run an in-depth virus scan?
darkclaw42 (author)  bwrussell7 years ago
Im starting to think that it is a heating problem on the video card's part, since whenever it crashes the video card is the least likely to boot back up. Ill check the fans. I know its not a virus, Ive done a complete wipe of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Ive also done a hard drive switch and tried that out. No luck. I'm currently trying to set it up on Jolicloud, an app based Linux. So far so good, although it'll crash when I try to play things with graphics. Ill keep what you said in mind. And no, there are no symptoms right before the crash, it just freezes and never un-freezes. As I said before, the least likely too boot back up after the crash is the video card, so ill check that out. Thanks.
NachoMahma7 years ago
. Is the cooling fan(s) working? Sounds a bit like a heat problem.
Either that, or it might be infected with Windows.
darkclaw42 (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
Cant. Cleaned, wiped, reloaded, and now im not even using Windows. Thanks though.