Laptop question - is it dead?

Roger-X's (Windows) laptop is playing up.

When he powers it up, nothing happens on the screen at all - no messages,blinking cursors etc. You can hear the hard drive spinning up, and the computer makes a repetitive <em>beeeeep, beep-beep, beeeeep, beep-beep</em>, which continues until you kill the laptop by pressing and holding the power button.

I did try hitting F1 as it powered up, and beeping stopped, but nothing else happened.

Any ideas?

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AndyGadget4 years ago
Your beeps are POST (power on self-test) beep codes.
Check the sequence for X's make of laptop to see if it narrows the problem down.
oldmicah4 years ago
Sounds like a HW problem, but can you boot off a cd/DVD/hard drive/thumb drive? Can the machine boot up as an external drive for another machine?

If it still doesn't boot, the hard drive might be intact: i.e. if you don't have a recent back up and the drives not too hard to pull out, you may want to pull it and back it up before shipping it off to get repaired. (If you are comfortable with the idea)

Best of luck!
Vyger4 years ago
Even though you already got your answer you should try doing a google search on your specific model. I have had 2 notebooks brought to me in the last 2 months that were defective and broken due to design flaws. There was a very large class action lawsuit that was settled last year due to bad design. The video chip was made and installed with out proper cooling. The chip would get so hot that it melted the solder and disconnected itself. There were multiple models of notebooks that this applied to. It was eventually blamed on Nvidea and they paid the settlement. The other one that I got is pretty new, 1 1/2 years old and it has a problem with the processor becoming unsoldered because of the flexing of the board which was mounted poorly and with out proper support in the case.
So, look up your model and see if it has a known problem as it appears that anymore many of them do.
I also have seen laptops with bad video chips, its quite common
Kiteman (author)  Vyger4 years ago
Oh, thanks.
There's a place near here that repairs motherboards for servers and laptops on a no-win no fee basis.

Depending on the laptop the POST codes tell you what's wrong - but from the brief description it sounds horribly like the video controller. It MIGHT be repairable, if the chip wasn't glued to the board.

If you want to try and get it fixed, PM me and I'll send his address.
Kiteman (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Thanks, I've passed that on to him.
He's got mail.
Kiteman (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Cool, thanks.