Laser type and power to cut holes in white paper?

I am interested in building a machine to make pianola rolls. Pianola rolls encode the music in the the form of holes punched in a roll of paper. The holes are usually made by a metal punch or series of punches. I would like to make a unit that uses a laser to cut the holes (about sixteenth of an inch diameter).



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Why use a laser ? You'll struggle to find anything that can cut paper like pianola paper for less than a few thousand dollars.

WHy not make a CNC punching machine ? That'd be much more practical. And a lot cheaper.
but lasers are cool :-P
Yes, but that doesn't make them the right choice for everything!
lasers are cool,therefore it automatically makes them the right choice for everything! ;.-P
In this case, lasers are too cool to do anything practically....
And faster.  And most likely it would make cleaner holes, given the right punch.
nfarrow8 years ago
try making this laser to make the holes. only $60.00 total cost.
Yeah, right.
Pianola roll paper is waaay too thick for the DVD burner laser to do it. Punches are very fast and clean. And cheap.