Latching switch to a momentary switch?

Basically I want to make a toggle switch to trigger a circuit from on or off.

its hard to explain but when the switch is in the on position it triggers a circuit momentarily. When I switch the switch off i need it to trigger the circuit again.

Its for a 4 wheel drive module for my bronco and its momentary push buttons that I want t o convert to a toggle switch.

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Try to replace the switch having on-off connections ( your present one) with switch having on-off-on connections. This will trigger your circuit both ways.
rickharris5 years ago
You need to build a one shot or mono stable cct from a 555 - see data sheet
Didn't see your reply.
Kiteman5 years ago
If you are wanting to convert a push-button switch to a toggle switch, I would think about mounting a small lever above the button, an "L" shape, with the pivot at the angle of the L, and the top part of the L sticking out horizontally, so that when you press down on the L, the horizontal part presses against the push-button.

In the sketch, the green triangle is the pivot, and the red lump is the switch you already have.
pivot switch.JPG
catsnw (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I need to take a toggle switch and make it a momentary switch by electronics. Thanks for the help though.
What you want to look for is called a "one shot switch". It does exactly what you are looking for. When turned on it send one pulse you could wire two of them to a SPDT switch.
pie R []ed5 years ago
Depending on the switch you may be able to get inside it. if so, there is probably a latching mechanism of some sort possibly like that of a pen. if you can disable that mechanism w/o harming the functionality of the switch. otherwise, I would just get a new switch. Better safe than sorry, especially with moving vehicles!
I've taken apart enough switches to know the this is likely to not work.
gmoon5 years ago
They do make momentary toggle switches. Like a button, they pop right back into the "start" position (open or closed, depending on the switch) upon release...
Re-design gmoon5 years ago
Best idea!