Lead in eye!?

What I do!? When I was wrighting my Math homework and my stupid pencil lead broke, few up in my eye! And its stuck! I've tried watering it out, but no luck. Looked in the mirror and theres a faint black line under my eye (not on/in it, I mean in between). Will the pencil lead do something bad to my eye? Will I need special treatment to remove it? Is it possible my body "somehow" remove that lead in my eye?

iPodGuy8 years ago
I know you have something lodged in your eye and all, but you might be happy to know that it's graphite and not lead.
landmanhall8 years ago
You could call poison control to see if there would be any ill effects but I agree with 11010010110 and luch, go to the ER. Its not actual lead but whatever is in it cant be good for you. Probably carbon or graphite and a binder of some sort. Go to the doctor or look for an instructable on making an eye patch.
110100101108 years ago
bend your face down over the sink and wash with lots of water + open eye wide + blink did you succeed ? if no then go to doctor quickly if yes then call a doctor. maybe he will say to come to see if part of it remained in the eye
luch8 years ago
I would go to the emergency as soon as possible!