Led stroboscope help

i success to make a led stroboscope with an arduino uno and a 50watt high power led. but the problem was with the lumen of the led. the on time duration of the led is 500 microsecond and the led intensity is poor. i don't know how to make it and maintain the intensity of the led. note that i used a driver for the led "32vdc" and the led is 32vdc .

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steveastrouk3 months ago

If its a white LED, they are usually phosphor boosted, that means the LED has to be on for a few milliseconds to come up to brightness. Better use a high intensity single colour - blue perhaps

hamada_bio (author)  steveastrouk3 months ago

i used an orange led but the same response and here you are the circuit.

No sign of the circuit.

iceng hamada_bio3 months ago

I do not see a circuit ?


rickharris3 months ago

It would help a lot if you show your circuit.