Lessons 8 and 9?

Why, when I take lesson 8 and 9, does it not recognize my account and can I not upload photos? Is everyone having this problem? I want to finish those lessons but the website won't let me even though all of the other lessons work fine.

Paige Russell9 months ago

Hi Justin,

Adding images of your projects is optional, not required! So it's not necessary to do in order to get credit for the lessons. Having said that, I just tried to add images to both lessons and was successful. I would try logging out, and back in, reloading the browser page.

Let me know if you have any more trouble with it!


Justin Tyler Tate (author)  Paige Russell9 months ago

Hi Paige,

I've taken two screenshots to explain the situation better. It's not just that I can't upload photos, but actually that I can't do anything. In the two screenshots, one is from Lesson 7, which works fine and the other is from Lesson 8 which is not working. Even though they were both open at the same time, lesson 8 didn't log my progress in the status bar or even have a status bar and it also didn't give me an option to upload a photo. All other lessons and classes have worked fine but lesson 8 and 9 of this class have been weird. I have refreshed the pages so many times, logged in and out and nothing works.

Thank you for your efforts,

2017-03-17 Instructables not working.jpg2017-03-17 Instructables working.jpg

Hi again!

Ah, got it. Ok, I think I've fixed the image upload issue, but I'll have to send a not to our development team to look into the status bar issue. Stay tuned! (And let me know if you're still having image upload problems.)


Justin Tyler Tate (author)  Paige Russell9 months ago

Ok, I'll be waiting for the issue to get resolved. Thanks for all of your help! :D