LiPoly charging question?

Hi Everyone,
I am creating a 6 cell pack (first time as you can tell) of LiPoly batteries 14.8V 5A it will have 3 groups in series of 2 in parallel for a 44.4V 10A pack.

In order to properly charge and maintain the batteries does anyone have any recommendations for a good balance charger from hobbyking or elsewhere?

Also in order to properly charge them should I charge each of the 6 cells individually, or charge the 3 packs of 2 in parallel using these

Thanks for your help.

iceng3 years ago
You have some good experience
If you are new to LiPo they can go horribly wrong when charging.
You might want to read Radioactive_Legos LiPo Etiquette.
Some like the Tesla car people can make Li batteries work.
So don't give up.
I have found Li batteries are
  • Three times the power
  • Half the weight
  • and ten times the cost of other batteries
  • With hazard pay to  the charge operator

Good luck,

Hammock Boy (author)  iceng3 years ago
Just to be clear if I was charging a single 4S 5A battery with this 150W charger it would take around half an hour?

150W/14.8V = 10.1A for a 5A battery = approx. 30 minutes

That time would be true if the 5AHr battery was 100% at power out / power in.

You have to anticipate a longer charge time for  a current of 5A to build up
a capacity 5Ahrs.

using the PRODUCT ID: T50004S-20HC
There is another spec_man_ship ( hard to be clear ) fact in the battery
spec => Max Charge Rate: 5c
..... but
under product table => Max Charge Rate (C) is 5

Does that mean charge at 5xC =25  OR simply C = 5 amps

I play it safe and use 5A charge rate for under two hours ...
to recharge the battery