Lighted floor bricks?

I have an idea which I donno if someone has made it before now or no, for this I hope to help me.
Can we build custom floor from special bricks allowing them to be lighed while person moving on the floor?

rickharris7 years ago
Depends where you are of course but the sort of thing you need to be looking for is something like:

Your next question is going to be how do I use it -

page 23

If you still have questions you have a lot of reading to do before you can start this project.

rickharris7 years ago
Glass bricks can be bought at a price and will withstand walking on - You could LED light them - a light sensor in the brick could detect someone standing on it.

Try searching for illuminated disco floor.

hassanayoub85 (author)  rickharris7 years ago
Can you tell me from where can I get light sensors?
rickharris7 years ago