List of free electronics samples supplier to India?

I am writing an article about getting free electronics samples in India, so i would be comparing the some companies.Please help me with the list of companies(only those who ship anywhere in india)

kjsrocks2 years ago

Not likely. While many suppliers do send out samples you gotta prove your a company and there is a chance you could be ordering hundreds or thousands of the parts if your satisfied with the component or it meets your needs. Takes a good bit of negotiation to pull it off. I've done it before with Molex getting some sample connectors for a build. But it wasn't easy. The build was a PSU load tester that was going to be used by a sight to evaluate PC PSUs. I basically convinced them to donate the connectors to the build.

I dont see why it is so hard for you to do as it is easy for me

This is great idea for a resource although you might have better luck over in the forums https://www.instructables.com/community/