Lithium ion battery help: please read

I have question about lithium ion batteries. I do a lot of electronic work (both school and hobby) and I have never really learned about these batteries, I do know the basics but what i want to know is, if I replace a lithium ion battery with another, same voltage and maybe higher mah, but higher capacity would there be any risk? I want to add a higher capacity lithium ion battery to one of my projects but fear any bad outcome. any info would help a lot! I would still be charging the battery with the same voltage and discharging. so the only thing changing would be the battery size. does this pose a risk? I think the answer would be no risk but i feel as if its better safe than sorry.

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No, same voltage you'll be fine, you'll have lots more run time though.
You can ONLY charge Lion batteries with a proper charger for that kind of battery.
out-of-the-box (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
thank you for your fast answer! i appreciate it! i do have a proper charge control circuit all set up i was just worried about the unlikely battery explosion haha. i need longer run time so again thank you for your answer
If you already have the charger, you're good to go - its just I've seen people proposing to charge them with a resistor connected to the mains supply.

> its just I've seen people proposing to charge them with a resistor connected to the mains supply.

Errr ..... What?! =:-O

Charging LiPo with just a resistor is ... Well, how to express this? ("We have a "be nice" comment policy.") ... An idea with a _lot_ room for improvement. ... or: Otherwise called a mega stupid idea.

But even with a LiPo charger, you should take immense care when charging a battery that was not designed to work with this charger (or vice-versa). The safety range of LiPos is within some (few) tenth of a volt. Even battery packs that claim to have the same (nominal) voltage, may have different stop-charge voltages. The charger circuit should have a temperature control!

BTW: Do _NOT_ connect LiPos in parallel to increase the capacity!
Oh it beyond even "mega-stupid", but I've seen it asked in the answers section, and not that long ago.....