Logic gates and truth tables urgent

.  So, here goes the question: A door security system accepts three numbers from a user as a pin(personal identification number) to grant access to the user. If the user enters any correct three numbers,the door opens otherwise it closes.If the three possible numbers the user can enter As a pin must be a correct binary combination of any of the following 111,or 001 or 010 or 101, using any simple basic gate with two inputs only design the door security system to implement the logic.Please I would like help on this question as it is very urgent. If you can do it, please send it to'd be grateful.

kelseymh1 year ago
Sniff...sniff....mmmm, smells like an assignment. If you don't know what to do, make an appointment with your TA or instructor, and ask them about whatever it is you're stuck on.

Oh, and please do enjoy all of the SPAM you're going to receive as a result of publishing your e-mail address. Really, you'll love it!
rickharris1 year ago
This is a basic flow chart for a code entry system - Your going to need to do some work on it.

He's also going to have to hold the state after the numbers are correct. It isn't easy in discrete logic/
lemonie1 year ago
What is the question?
-Questions are punctuated by the mark "?", and with or without one, I can't see a question in there. It's just information.

We don't do homework.