Look at these cool shelves...... Anyone reckon they could make them?

I reckon some clever person could tell us all how...

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Dr. Pepper6 years ago
it would be awesome! maybe someone could post an instructable about it?
What a brilliant idea! I might even subscribe to you so I'll know when you've done it.
I was going to say: this would make a great topic in 'burning questions'

...it would also help if there was more than one camera angle on the linked site -- then we could grasp if the pockets are really parallelogram, or if their flats were hiding.
In order to tile the plane (since they aren't Penrose tiles :-), they have to be equilateral rhomboids with 60- and 120-degree vertex angles. Nothing else will fit together.

A very interesting question regarding the camera angles, though: are they built perpendicular to the wall, or do they angle upward? The latter would make fabrication somewhat more difficult.
Exactly my thought -- if they are just straight boring rhomboids, then it's a no-brainer, just some quality woodworking on the joints, and some creative painting to make the shadows go the wrong way.
orksecurity6 years ago
Sit down with cardboard and scissors and tape and try some experiments. Then replicate in wood.
kelseymh6 years ago
60 degree and 120 degree angles. Good miter cuts for the joints. Careful measurement and cutting to ensure all pieces have the same outside dimension. Since they hang on a wall, you could even dispense with the rhobmoid back piece.