Looking for a LED curcuit that will tell me when my AA batteries are charged using solar cells?

All the DIY solar chargers seem to use a feel test or a multi meter to test if batteries are charged. Is there a curcuit utilizing an LED like those on manufactured chargers, that will let me know when my batteries are charged, and possibly put them in float mode or turn the unit off?

babu037 years ago
bogus answer by lemonie! 
Madrias3578 years ago
Like Lemonie said, charge through an LED, when it goes out, it's charged. Though, I have to say this: don't charge your Alkaline batteries. I have to say that so someone doesn't get the bright idea to do so.
lemonie8 years ago
A really simple way would be to charge through a LED, when it's stopped charging it goes out.
E.g. http://www.solorb.com/elect/solarcirc/aacharge/index.html