Looking for tips on painting wood in mass amounts.?

Big fencing project coming up and I need to pretreat all the wood (2000+ boards). I am looking for any tips.methods for covering all sides of every board quickly and efficiently.
I'm using a penetrating oil and it seems to take a couple days to dry so I'm trying to figure out how to coat all sides and set them aside to dry without affecting the finish too much where it rests on the sides that are wet.
I'll be needing to do around 40 boards per day to make any kind of real progress, and would like to do the whole surface in one go as opposed to doing half at a time, but I don't see how to do it without setting it down a side that's still wet.

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Vyger6 years ago
Put a small hook in the top end of each board and hang them on a line to dry. To keep them from sliding into each other put cloths pins on either side of the hooks.

If your dealing with large volumes of stain I would seriously think about dipping them. A tall long container of some kind that the boards would fit it, filled with stain would speed up the process a lot. What might work is a large diameter PVC sewer pipe with the end closed. Use the hook in the end to lower them in and pull them out. Brush off the excess as you remove them.
That also certainly works.

Dip: Interesting thought!
seandogue Vyger6 years ago
great ideas. I really like the PVC dip tank.

(was going to suggest using a roller but yours is a much preferable method I might just use in the future for a similar project.)
Vyger Vyger6 years ago
An ambitious project for a 2 year old.
orksecurity6 years ago
If you're looking for something that will do a good job with a wide range of finishes, I'd suggest looking at HVLP ("high volume, low pressure") spray guns. They do a better job than the older designs, and can be used with most finishes.

As far as doing both sides goes: The solution to that is "painter's points" -- a set of pointed supports you can invert the board onto after it has dried a bit so you can finish the other side. They do leave a dent/hole in the finish, but a tiny one; if you're applying more than one coat (always good advice anyway) that'll fill this in quite well.

Woodworking shops sell several versions of this, depending on where you shop -- or you can make your own; take a look at what they did and think about how to produce something equivalent. (I've used offcut corners, nails through scrap, and the like.)
rickharris6 years ago
Dip, spray, Brush not many other ways. O, Lots of people - Fence painting Party!!!!
You might check into renting or purchasing an airless spray painter. I painted a whole 2 story house in a single day using an old Sears airless rig with a 1 qt bottle. I would prop the boards against a rack or even a clothes line and then spray them. You might even lay them flat on a driveway with a drop cloth underneath. Be careful not to get any overspray on unintended surfaces and watch the wind.