Looking to build a unidirectional CAT5e data tap.

I wanted to ensure that data being tapped on the RX ends can not be reversed and used for data TX, ensuring unidirectional transfer. I have the tap made  with Hotside > Hotside (TX->RX-,TX+>RX+)  Coldside > Hotside(RX->RX-, RX+>RX+). I would like to know what I would need to put in between the hotside and the cold side to be able a secure a unidirectional transfer.

iceng4 months ago

Diodes will not work.. Unidirectional will need a threestate buffer.. But that buffer needs some intelligence to select in/out direction which implies a micro processor to catch the first data packet to be detected.. But that is a standard cable switcher..

Downunder35m4 months ago

For what purpose?
Without the error correction, which requires the bidirectional access you won't be able to do normal ethernet stuff for example.
If your plan is to listen and capture network traffic then there are better options available - at least for legal uses...