Looking to start a robot project with my arduino.. I need some help?

I want to make a treaded robot, Fairly large maybe a foot wide by a foot long.  idk, but I want to control it with my arduino, I want to be able to control it with my computer, or maybe my phone? definately my computer. But I have a LG octane, and I dont have internet. so idk if it'll work.  I want to basicly send commands to my arduino and be able to run it like a rc car.. A crawler persay

Something like this, Im not exactly sure what I would need etc. I have a arduino uno. And thats about it. 

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iceng6 years ago
Assign the functions a Rumba can perform as a start For this Larger noble

'earl (author)  iceng6 years ago
Umm I dont have one. Or any parts atm. And I dont get what your getting at.
iceng 'earl6 years ago
Robot vacuuming robot – Roomba
  • Self navigating
  • Returns to charging station when low battery
  • Avoids obstacles
  • Responds to commands
this is as you asked  A Start
NOW include these as design goals in your Robot.
rickharris6 years ago
BIG BIG hill to climb here I suggest you get some experience with simple projects before embarking on such an ambitious one.

You need to understand:

Driving high power motors

Radio communications between PC and micro

Mechanical systems to gear down drive

How to programme the micro - without access to the on line libraries this may be an issue.
'earl (author)  rickharris6 years ago
Well for the motors, get a motor breakout board from adafruit.

Radio com. no idea...
mechanical systems again.. no idea
I have access to online. just not on my phone. I do on my computer.