Lost Pen tablet pen, Is it possible to build one ?

This is my pen tablet  Here  and its model name is iball WP 4030 find it on manufactures site .
I lost pen. I found its using electromagnetic technology. Is it possible to build that pen ? (cordless digital stylus pen with a pen tip and two barrel buttons, what are these how does these things work ?)

Picture of Lost Pen tablet pen, Is it possible to build one ?
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Goodhart8 years ago
That just may be a bit beyond the DIY homebound maker, depending on just how compact the pen is and how much "tech" it needs to hold.
milans (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
 Thanks for reply. So there is no chance for DIY. :-(
 Do you know whats inside that pen and how it work ? (Please don't tell me to google it)  ;-)
Goodhart milans8 years ago
Well, I am not saying absolutely no chance, but depending on what that pen does, the electronics may be fairly sophisticated and will definitely be tiny (SOT and smaller parts).

No, I don't know what is inside, nor how it works as I am not sure of all of it's functions, but if it is more then just a device for completing a circuit (with software doing everything else), it may be fairly complicated.
milans (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
I see its complications inside that pen, I'll buy a new one soon thank you very much for your time to reply. ;-)
Typically, these involve circuitry which couples inductively with the tablet to sense position as the tablet's grid wires are pulsed, plus a strain gauge or similar (or at least a switch) to detect pen-up versus pen-down and how hard you're pushing, plus a short-range radio transmission to get that information back to the logic in the tablet.

You'd have better odds of homebrewing if this was a tablet with a wired pen and without pressure sensitivity. As is... Buy new pen, or buy new tablet.
milans (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
 Thanks you very much orksecurity for explanation. I thought it was easy. I see lots of things are complex. I'll buy a new one ;-) 
Prodigity8 years ago
Quoted from wikipedia:
"Electromagnetic tablets
You probably are better of buying a new pen, trying to build one yourself would likely result in inaccurate pressure sensing levels and such.
Lol quote disappeared:
Electromagnetic tablets

Wacom's are one example of a graphics tablet that works by generating and detecting an electromagnetic signal: in the Wacom design, the signal is generated by the pen, and detected by a grid of wires in the tablet. Other designs such as those by Pencept generate a signal in the grid of wires in the tablet, and detect it in the pen.

milans (author)  Prodigity8 years ago
I've decided to buy a new pen for my tablet. Thanks a lot for your descriptions and your comment. ;-)
acidbass8 years ago
agreeing with Ghart ummm did you get a warranty with it if so the warranty should take care of it