Lost wax casting?

I was a Dental Lab tech for over 25 years, I do know the lost wax technique. You make a object from wax, pour an investment material around the wax in a casting ring, wait until the investment dries then melt the wax out of the mold in an 1800 degree oven, melt either nickel, gold or silver and using a spring operated casting machine. you wind up the casting machine depending on the type of metal 4 winds for gold or silver and 5 turns for nickel and other hard metals, Pull a pin up to hold the swing arm, melt your metal. remove the casting ring from the oven then pull back on the swing arm which releases the pin and let it go. the centrifugal force throws the metal into the mold, wait until the casting ring cools down then break out the mold that now is metal. I use to make rings, anything made of plastic or wax can be used to make a metal replica of the wax or plastic mold. I made teeth for over 25 years and know everything there is to know about the lost wax technique. But sand casting or using clay is something Id love to learn. Im looking forward to your classes. I even have a spring operated casting machine.

Paige Russell9 months ago

Hi rlkropp,

I have never tried wax casting and enjoyed your thorough description! I would definitely like to try my hand at it.

This is an entry level class, so you might find that you're familiar with most of the info already, but please let me know if you have any questions!