Lye water?

Can you use lye water (potassium hydroxide solution) to bleach bones?

mcshawnboy5 years ago
If you're near a dairy farm or any place that uses a "Trench Silo" I have a friend that buries cow & deer skulls in the pile in the Winter for a couple months & it leaves them clean enough that they can be electroplated with chrome for folks that like a modern touch. Hope it helps! I think some people cook them for extended periods of time.
lemonie5 years ago
Use bleach, or sunlight.
Potassium hydroxide might clean them up nicely, but it's not going to whiten them any more than that.

Vyger5 years ago
If I remember correctly it turns bones into soft rubbery things.
rickharris5 years ago
I doubt it - It's normally used to make soap and is very caustic.