MAC OR PC?!?!?!?!?!?

i prefer macs but thats my opinion so which are you... MAC OR PC?

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 Macs all the way.

Everything is compatible with everything.
And one cant write a virus for a mac.
I edit film and Final Cut Pro is for mac, so I vote macs.
They boot up in nothing flat.
They are very fast. (like 3GB of RAM)
So much stuff is included.
iTunes, Garage Band, iMovie, iPhoto, and Time Machine are pre-installed.

lol. 3gb Ram

There are viruses for mac and macs are not compatible with everything.
I meant with other Apple products.
Oh! In that case your point is correct, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Personally I prefer Pc because I've always used it, but mac is ok if you have the money. If you are used to using Mac then you should probably stick with it.

Fizzxwizz7 years ago
 I think this is more of a forum topic than a question...
joeofloath8 years ago
Neither, linux :-) it's the cheapest (free, plus PC cost), and more stable and easier to use than a mac. THe only reason i'd use a mac is for recording studio duties (which, incidentally, I do!)
pc you know how anybody with a mac cant shut there mouths about how good it is well can mac play any games like crysis, wolfstien ,halo2, buy a pc
I would say mac, even though I use a pc. PC's are usually cheaper, but they don't have all the capabilities of a mac. A mac is a little more expensive, but they are faster, and have more capabilities.
Re-design8 years ago
Well, what do you want to do with this computer? Do you have someone who will help you when it goes down or you can't get something to work? If so what do they have? How much money can you spend? Do you have any experience with computers right now? If so what kind? Why do you prefer macs?