MAKE: Electronics complete parts list?

Anyone know where I can find a complete parts list for the entire MAKE: Electronics book? I found a couple places with part of the list, and ive mainly been going off the component packs from MAKE. Can anybody help? Thx in advance- Astroboy907

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Kiteman6 years ago
Why not buy the book and find out?
AjkT1 Kiteman1 year ago

I have the book, and I met many other do could still have the same question as there are many components needed through each chapter and experiment. To top that off their is a second edition now that is completely redone with updated experiments and different components. I dont know if you guys are still into this but their are component packs available the follow the book. I got this one as it is made for the new 2nd edition release of make: electronics that came out in 2015:

astroboy907 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
im waiting for the book to get here- also trying to figure out a total cost to the thing. Ive got orders that should be shipped sooner than later so i can continue on a different project. So im pretty much asking if the component boxes are an accurate representation of the parts needed, or is this a better representation (
Thanks- im hoping that the book is shipped pretty fast so i can compare with it :)
astroboy907 (author)  astroboy9076 years ago
meh... been looking over multiple sources and it just gets confusing... guess ill wait for the book :)
ejm5548 months ago

Yes, you can find a complete parts listing for Make: Electronics (2nd Edition) here:

The above site also says that you can buy component kits from Chaney Electronics ( See kit numbers CM1001 (the Entry-Level Kit), CM1002 (the Soldering Kit), and CM1003 (the Supplemental Kit).