MIDI Drum set using keyboard?

Im wondering if I could make some piezo drum triggers, run them through and Arduino or other device, and then send MIDI signals from the Arduino to a Casio keyboard I have.  The keyboard would play the drum sounds.  So basically the triggers send a signal to the arduino and the arduino sends a signal to the keyboard.  Is this possible?

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orksecurity7 years ago
Assuming the Casio accepts MIDI commands in, sure.
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Seconded. You need to do a little filtering and amplifying to make the piezo work -- if I remember the circuit, a piezo puts out millivolts on striking, so you just need to amplify it with a transistor or two. An RC filter can be included to debounce the circuit (since many 'hits' are vibrations, you may get many hits unintentionally. It took me a long time to find the circuit diagram for piezo to TTL signal. This amplification may or may not remove the velocity (amplitude) aspect of the output.
siddiq43216 years ago
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siddiq43216 years ago
this siddiq , India,
i have a very cheaper and working method :

1)use the software flexi music orchestra - a very user friendly software to play wav. files etc. on the keyboard
2)download yamaha / ronald / alesis drum samples over the net or from torrents ...they are very quality one and ull have no complaint
3)load all these sample to the key u want for EACH drum/cymbal ...which is pretty lengthy and save it ..
4)then comes the hardware ...use and old PC keyboard -ic ...or if u get confused with the ic pins j...just keep it attached to the plastic sheets which are below the keys ...and the pass out a pin ter . rhe conductor holes ..which is again a time taking job ..but cheap and working
5)now on other ends of the wire ..anttach a piezo...which is the cheapest drum trigger ..of if u r keyboard does not get enouhgh gain on tapping ...the attach 2 /3 in series and keep one above another ,,....and place it beneath the mouse pad (to experiment ) ..the strike u r mouse pad to play ....

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