MOSFET Transistor?

Hey Instructables. I am working on a project requiring some MOSFETs but they have to be smaller than the Radioshack IRF510's ( I think I found some ones that are smaller (, but do they have the same functionality? What I mean is, will they work the same way? I believe they will, since they are both labeled as N-Channel MOSFET Transistors, but its always good to check. Thanks in advance!

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iceng4 years ago
The TO-220 Large IRF510 is a 60 Volt  3 Amp  MAX
The TO-92 a Small BS170  is a 60 Volt  1/2 Amp = 500 ma MAX

So if the load you want to drive is under 40 volts and works under 400 milliamps
Your small mosfet will do !

That is a bit over 350 millwatts to my math.

Adum24 (author) 4 years ago
Thanks everyone!
If the project requires the IRF510's then you need to use that or find one that has similar specks. Depending on what the project requires from the transistor you could be limited to that specific one or you may have room to use others.

If the TO-220 package is too big for you the you can always get the surface mount version.

To one point yes however the IRF510 is a 50 watt and the BS170 is a 350 millwatt.
If you need the 50 watts the BS170 is way under powered.