MPF102 replacment for a Ghost Detector?

I was gonna build a simple one LED device that can detect a static charge (which in Theory ghosts give off a static charge making the LED to go dim) using this MPF102 FET Transistor, but Radioshack doesn't sell these anymore, is there another different FET that works as the MPF102 FET one? I was gonna try this one - but not sure if this would be a great replacement for detecting a static charge like in video saying I need this MPF102 one.

Here's the Video Explaining this -

ibenkos3 years ago

try look on or the probably got something

SuperScourge (author)  ibenkos3 years ago

I been looking at the specs on that NTE one and it's basically any FET one I can use, I'll see if this one is on amazon still if not I'll nab the NTE's brand

sounds good :)

SuperScourge (author)  ibenkos3 years ago

I've checked out thee MPF102 on Amazon and it's a cheap china version I will not use so I'll nab this NTE one and see how it goes for this little ghost detection circuit.