Macbook 2005 battery circuitry?

My macbook 2005 battery was holding its charge so i went to buy a new one and they are over 100$ so i found a website from china selling them for 50$ (yes i know it was going to be fake) When i put the fake battery in the mac it isn't detected or work. So i thought okay they sent me a dead battery but when i press the button on the back of it, it blinks green. So i thought to take the circuitry from the dead one and solder it to the Li-ion battery in new one. They are both 10.8v but the fake one is 59Wh and the original is 55Wh will this make a difference or should it be okay?

Picture of Macbook 2005 battery circuitry?
Vyger6 years ago
As long as the batteries themselves are putting out the correct voltage and amperage there should not be a problem.

The place to buy cheap battery replacements is E Bay. Since there is a huge amount of customer feedback there bad venders are often very quickly exposed and E Bay will actually ban them from selling if their product is defective or not as advertised.
Aaamazzara (author)  Vyger6 years ago
The batteries them selves are a different make then the real ones. But i dont have a voltage meter to find out. any ideas?
I would say just go for it if you can't borrow or buy a cheap multi-meter. You've got two non-functional batteries, and worst case you'll end up with two non-functional batteries.

If you've got the same number of cells then hopefully voltage will be very close to what it should be.