Macbook or laptop on Windows 8?

I'm a writer and I need new computer. I heard that macbooks are great for writing. I don't care about a price and I use computer only for work and internet. I need good battery and low weight. You have any advices?

Mac air is good for you

Vyger3 years ago

If money is not a problem buy both. Then you can write an article comparing them and be an informed author.

ASCAS3 years ago

Hobby guy so I prefer windows based laptops, considering that they have better software compatibility over Macbooks. But if you are a writer/ journalist/ graphic artist Macbooks are better. I would recommend ultrabooks made by ASUS. We have two of them and their battery never disappoints.

Find the lightest weight in your price range. That's all there is too it since you don't have any real need for added power or anything else. A Macbook air would proabbly be a great fit for you though pricey.