Magnetics software for optimizing coil design?

Dear Instructables,

I need to design coils for a matress that would emit a uniform magnetic field. Does anyone know of a free software program that plots magnetic field strength of a coil?

Many thanks!

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I have read about something called Poisson Superfish. I think it is free with registration, but I have not tried it.  It doesn't exactly look easy to use,  but um... here's the link:

Well there's Maxwell SV, but that's only 2D simulation, and I'm not even sure its still available.

Finite element analysis code COSTS, there are some OSS things like
...which might work.

But FEA is GIGO software - Garbage In, Garbage Out - and you have to really know how to "fly" it to get reliable data out.

How "uniform" is "uniform" ? What flux density do you want ?
Cburg1 (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Hi Steve!
Thanks; yes; I don't really want to have to learn a whole modeling environment. I just want a program with a pre-programmed module that has inputs for dimensions, wire size, number of turns, etc; then will show the field strength around the coil at a DC current level. It seems like someone would have done this by now?
Its not a simple bit of maths to do ! It HAS to be done (accurately) with FEA
Cburg1 (author)  Cburg15 years ago
Ohh, I need around 100 gauss at the surface of the matress. (coil imbedded ~.5 to .75").