Mai iPod is Broken!

So i bought an ipod from a friend, he sold it to be because it was broken. I am attempting to fix it, but i have been stumped! I reset it to factory settings, (formatted it with iTunes) but it says that there is 0kb free! A 111GB of usesless stuff is on there (The drive is 120gb, but formatted, it read 111gb), and it can't get it off! I can't really access it through windows because it freezes my computer when i try to open it/right click it It takes a while to boot (1-2 minutes) it gets recognized by iTunes only part of the time. Every time it boots, i have to re-enter the preferred language. Thank for any help!

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jeff-o8 years ago
Can you connect it to a Mac and use Drive Utility to reformat it? Sometimes a different OS helps. If that works you can connect it to a PC again and reformat as FAT32.
Sandisk1duo (author)  jeff-o8 years ago
i'll try it tomorrow at school
Hopefully you'll have access to that app. And I mistyped, it's called Disk Utility. It'll probably be in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder.
Sandisk1duo (author)  jeff-o8 years ago
i'll use my teacher's computer
Have you tried to delete the partition and create a new FAT32 drive? Or have you got it in disk mode?
i've made it go into disk mode, how would i delete the partition?
Can you try and get it out of Disk Mode? Sometimes Disk mode can allocate the whole iPod. Disk mode shows up as Other on an iPod. After some Googling I found out that re-partiting it can make it unusable so ignore my other comment.