Make a collection of "some" of my pictures?

I have posted pictures in a variety of places from an Instructable to comments, questions and forum (Author or Clinic). How do I find them in and collect in one place so I can show to people (Grandaughter ) as a group. eg. Drawings (all over the place). Im not very savvy so as simple as poss. Thank's.

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Kiteman3 years ago

This is the link to your image library. They are filed in chronological order, newest visible first.

craftyv (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
Wonderful. It seems so pathetic that these simple tasks are so puzzling to me I don't do much on-site anymore because I am overawed by peoples tech skills . Sincere thanks to everyone for my replies.
Kiteman craftyv3 years ago

Tech, shmech - crafts and recipes are just as important here.

loveseo3 years ago

Maybe the can help you!

Vyger3 years ago

An important note about your library, if you make a change to one of the pictures there it will be changed in whatever instructable it is included in. If you delete one it will disappear out of the instructable also.

craftyv (author)  Vyger3 years ago
Thank You. I said i'm not savvy. This proves it.
JM19993 years ago

You should have them in your pictures library.

Go to your profile, image library(below your picture), then click on the your library tab. Everything you have ever posted to your instructable account should be there.