Make antique mirror glass?

We want to give a new mirror a blotchy, spotted, peeling look to simulate very old mirror glass. We understand it can be done with acid. Any information would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Bill

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beackmaniax8 years ago
An easy, in pensive and also faster trick, is to use pure acetone at the back of the mirror (use a brush in a ventilated please). (If you want a brown color before the application put the insert of a brown permanent marker inside the acetone bottle). If the back has a plastic protection, try removing it first.
polonium98 years ago
hmmm... try the element gallium, it sticks well to glass and is very easy to apply. just melt and pour ITS THAT EASY just try it. mercury aint safe so gallium is much better (no fumes, little mess, big reward, and fun)
lemonie8 years ago
You need to get to the back of the glass, where the reflective surface is. It's probably got a protective plastic sheet on it - peel that off first. Scratching or sanding patches will help, soaking in something like limescale remover may work (do not know).

hawknest1 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Dear Lemonie, Thanks for your reply. I have found there are inexpensive kits for sale that supply all the materials required to "antique mirrors". Bill
Hello, Could you tell us what these kits are / where to buy them? It may be of some future use to someone looking to do the same. (And then select your comment as Best Answer) L
toriemarie8 years ago
hawknest1 (author)  toriemarie8 years ago
Dear Toriemarie, Thank you so much for your reply. You made it very easy for me as I thought I would have to reinvent the wheel. Now I can easily buy just what I need. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Regards, Bill