Make your own opto-isolator?

I am wondering if it is possible to make your own opto-isolator from an led taped to a photo-resistor with electrical tape. Is this possible?

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gmoon6 years ago
It's not just possible, it's very common. I used to make my own compressors (for guitar) back in the 80's with an opamp and a home-rolled LDR.

Weber has a webpage describing how to do it (they sell kits for them).
josh1324 (author)  gmoon6 years ago
cool, could you send ma a schematic for the compressor?
gmoon6 years ago
Look on your Orangeboard, I can't answer your question directly--replies won't work on a "best answer!"
rickharris6 years ago
Very easy put an LED and a photo diode or transistor in a bit of black tubing. How you choose your LED and receiver effects how the system works for your application.