Making a mold of a fresh flower can this be done?

I dipped a rose in a low temp candle wax in hopes that i will be able to do this project without purchasing the online silicone/rubber at $160.00 please help if its will someone please tell me how cause a rose mold I found was also over a hundred

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have you thought about electroplating it ?
G8ttinby (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
about what?? I dont no what that is sorry
Coating the flower with a conductive layer - Usually a silver or aluminium based paint or a glue and graphite mix.

This conductive layer then allows you to electrically coat the flower with a metal layer - eg. Nickel, Silver or even gold.

Dusting with graphite powder might work too.
Vyger5 years ago
Just a wild idea that occurred to me. I used to work in a factory where they made spray paint and they sprayed the caps to match the color. Anyway they had spray booths where these caps would run through. The spray paint used to build up in layers on the cardboard they used to stop the over spray. When they cleaned it up they would pull out these cardboard pieces that had inches of layered spray paint on them. It looked really cool with all the different colors. You could try something like that with multiple layers of spray paint, building it up until it gets to be thick. Then after it has dried you could cut it open and use as it as mold. Or instead of spray paint you could dip it in latex paint and again build up the layers. It will take a lot of time but latex paint maintains some flexibility after it dries so you could work with it without it breaking.
G8ttinby (author)  Vyger5 years ago
I will try this idea thank you
rickharris5 years ago
Yes you can HOWEVER it is very hard to do. The water in the flower plays merry hell with anything you might use to mould it.

BETTER dry the flower first then make the mould.

Pouring silicone, Alginate, Plaster can all be used to mould flowers.

As to what to use to get the detail, Clear or coloured resin, Wax, Silver and Gold, Pewter, frozen water are just a few examples.

A long tine ago I tried making clear resin casts from flowers, I wanted paper weights but with the flower inside as a hollow shape - i.e. not the actual flower. I found that I could mould the dry flower if it was firm and then when cast I could leave a small amount of stem free at the bottom.

When the cast was dry I removed the stem, poured in water to rehydrate the flower and buried it in the the garden so that the bugs could eat the flower away. After a couple of weeks it is mostly gone and you get apparently a hollow flower inside a paper weight.

Unfortunately the process is quite slow and then I couldn't afford the resin so gave up after a couple.

G8ttinby (author)  rickharris5 years ago
the rose I dipped in a candle wax to try and preserve the shape say much as possibly but i don't know if there is something out there that i could make a mold with thank you
iceng5 years ago
Even if you succeed making a mold of a delicate flower,
what material will you cast to be able to hold a shape that fine
and survive removal ?

G8ttinby (author)  iceng5 years ago
I dont know thats why im asking what way to go about this