Making a solar pool heater?

I am planning to make a solar water heater for my kids little pool and am wondering if I could use PVC piping and Plexiglass or will it get to hot and melt them?

chrisandamanda (author) 7 years ago
I have a pump that is with the pool. the problem is it is just a basic gravity pump and I cant afford a new one this year. I will try the blak hoses and see if that will work.
Plexi won't like sunlight for too long, use glass instead.

iPodGuy7 years ago
Little kids pool?  Like a wading pool?

Black water hose in the sun would be the easiest, I suspect.  Much easier to work with than the sprinkler tubing (aka funny pipe) that RavingMad suggests.

If you want to get really creative, hook the hose up to a pump and recirculate the water.  A pond pump would do the trick I bet.
It'll be fine, but you'd probably get better heat transfer using a big flat coil of black sprinkler tubing instead of the PVC.