Making a wireless fountain for the backyard??

I am not trying to be babied or anything just need just basic advice.
I picked up a few books on hobby electronics and want to get into it. For the first project that is not a "book" project I want to know how to use a small DC water pump to power a backyard fountain. In an Ideal world the pump would work from 100m+ away but this might not be a reasonable request.
I purchased a pump and this is it:[1]
Very simple.
I want to plug and play into a transmitter and a receiver.[2]
Will this system work? The way I understand it I need to connect a 9 volt battery to the receiver and I am assuming its soldered in. Then I can run wire to the motor directly.
Am I missing anything here - I know this is very amateur but I am never done electronics stuff before. I will be taking a few community classes in the summer which could prove interesting.
What else do I need to do this?

Is there a plug and play system (receiver / transmitter) that would work easily?

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rickharris2 years ago

The receiver appears to expect 12 volts, which is what the pump runs off. I would suggest you use a lead acid battery, perhaps a small car battery if you expect the pump to run for very long.

The battery looks to be wired into connector blocks 9screw connections) and the receiver controls 2 relays so it should be OK for your applications. It will need to be in a water proof housing (a plastic storage box should work.)

The attached picture is from the ebay page.


Just as a thought because I can't see in the description if the relay stays on (latched) to give you a press on press off operation - It may only operate whilst the button is pressed. This depends on their electronics.

-max-2 years ago

As long as you wire if up right, it looks like it will work fine.

You need 12V for the pump and even the receiver won't run for months just on a 9V battery as it also needs 12V.
Get a 12V battery and solar panel ;)

How are you going to power the pump ? It needs 12V from something.