Making money from Google ads!

How exactly does it work?
Does (for example) Instructables get $ when someone clicks on the ad or only when a product is bought?

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frollard8 years ago
You place the code in your webpage.

Every time the code is executed, it loads an ad from google.  Google keeps track of who, what, and when you get page hits (impressions).  Some ads pay per impression (screen view).  This is usually in the hundredths of a cent to tenths of a cent.

Google then tracks how many people CLICK on the ad.  Some click throughs are worth pennies, some are worth ...half dollars... as Jayefuu says.

When the payments in your account accrue to more than x (depends on the ad service, usually 20-100 dollars) they cut you a cheque.

how it works
google simply charges the advertiser more than they pay the page hosts ...thus google actually makes money :D  The more you make, the more THEY make.
Jayefuu8 years ago
I use google ads on a forum I run. Very few people pay per view. I make between 0.2 and 0.5 dollars per click. Google are clever though, you can't just get ads then get you and your friends to click them, they'll rumble that. For it to work you need a lot of site visits and interesting content for enough people to click once or twice per day.
Bartboy Jayefuu8 years ago
Really? 0.5 DOLLARS? You get fifty cents for one click?
Jayefuu Bartboy8 years ago
Sometimes. Very rarely.
miiwii3 Jayefuu8 years ago
tell me your site and ill click some of your ads for you. and ill have my friends do the same and have my friend friends to do the same.
NachoMahma8 years ago
.  Yes.
.  It depends on the ad. Some will pay just to be displayed, some pay for a click-through, and some don't pay unless a purchase is made.