Making soap. I need some detailed instructions on how to make soap with goats milk.

I would like some detailed instructions on how to make goat milk soap.

lemonie7 years ago

Can you successfully make butter and clarify it? That done most animal-fat soap instructions should be OK.

kevinhannan7 years ago
if you do a bit torrent search you will find quite a few pdf books that show how to make all sorts of vegan/vegetable soaps but those that might include milk (wouldn't it go off?) might be more difficult to find unless you knew how to stop it going rancid. If you manage to find out how, it would make for a great instructable - fancy doing it?
As a general rule, if you can't find what you want by searching instructables, a simple google search will give you what you want... without having to wait for plonkers like me to point it out to you.