Making thermite. How do i open etch a sketch.

I am trying to open my etch a sketch so i have aluminum powder for thermite. How do i get the sketch open???it has no screws whatsoever and i cant seem to pry it open with screw driver.

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frollard8 years ago
If you lack the wherewithall to open an etch a sketch - thermite is probably not for you. Etch a sketch as I recall is either riveted shut or ultrasonically welded shut. Drill a 1/4 inch hole in one back corner. Shake the contents out.
Jarheadicus5 years ago
Draw a face on it, and hire Chuck Norris to open it by roundhouse kicking it in the face...
5150tech8 years ago
I usually use thermite
ramkanwar556 years ago
overpowered laser?
ralcorn16 years ago
who said graphite? slap your hand
Lord_Dark7 years ago
you just could brake the glass?
tinfoilgami7 years ago
Dwic8 years ago
GnomeMaster8 years ago
in an eatch a sketch there are screws, destroy them
The Red Button (author) 8 years ago
yeah. i got it open and made thermite but the bb's i think made it so ididnt work
fwjs288 years ago
snap it in half?