Mario Party Tick Tock Hop game life size: How can I make this work in real life and not cost a fortune?

I want to make the Tick Tock Hop mini game from Mario Party in scale that kids and adults can play. Below is a video of the game. I figure I can use an arduino to run the random switching and speed of the hands. I just dont know if it would be possible to do this with the weight of the hand and the people standing on it. Any ideas?

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iceng3 years ago

You can make the rider hand a mech round platform and the blue hand can be a simple overhead projection.

ecsaul23 (author)  iceng3 years ago

whats a mech round platform?

iceng ecsaul233 years ago

A mechanical 5 or 6 foot diameter 3/4" plywood circle rotating on top of six pneumatic wheels turned by two or three gear motors is the rotating platform with taped over piezo film to detect a player standing or hopping or lost game.

People have made similar mech stuff for the Burning_Man event in Nevada where I reside.

ecsaul23 (author)  iceng3 years ago

that is way above my skill level. Sounds like you know your stuff! thanks for the help

It can be done and you can see one in acting on a game show called Wipeout. But it's not something you can tackle in a DIY project. Cost of materials alone Not including drive motor and other electronics will be several thousand dollars. Besides it would be an insurance nightmare. You would need a good lawyer and insurance to cover any damages people might sustain on the game. Lots of money and lots of paperwork.

ecsaul23 (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

oh boo