Mason jars?

Does anyone know a commercial store where I could purchase a mason jar? I have already tried goodwill, Walmart, and brookshires. Any help?

I've seen them at Kmart, Target and any number of grocery store chains. Pretty much any cookware store like Kitchen Kaboodle should have them too. Try searching for "canning jar" or "Ball jar", if other brands besides Mason are OK.
I have had nothing but good luck with finding mason jars at ACE hardware.
mole17 years ago
Buy a jar of spaghetti sauce. Classico, Safeway brand and many others come in mason jars. You're looking for the squarish jars.  Save the screw on lid...  you can't can with it, but you can reclose small mouth canning jars with it instead of messing with the ring and band routine once it's opened.
Re-design7 years ago
Try Ace Hardware.

Amazon sells them.

Walmart has them on their website.