I live in Costa Rica where it is difficult to purchase materials for projects. Is there a list of materials needed for this class? I mostly have to order from Amazon as they include the import duties for items which makes retrieving items easy at my post office, going to customs requires 3 hours of driving plus a long weight in line. Ordering from Amazon in one order saves a lot of headaches and problems. Thanks.

randofo3 months ago

This class no longer has required projects, so the materials are largely optional for building robots in general. If you want to figure out what parts you need, you can check out some of the robots linked to at the end of the lessons and see if you are interested in building any.

artedwards67 (author)  randofo3 months ago

Would this unit be good for becoming acquainted with construction a robot (SunFounder DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit)? I have good experience with soldering, wire striping and have built several desktop computers. I was also a guiadance system tech in the air ofrce 50 years ago.

artedwards67 (author)  randofo3 months ago

Thanks, I'll do that. I had bought an Arduino kit some time back and was wondering what I would need besides what I have. I'll pick a robot that i can get from Amazon and have it sent down. I didn't know this class was basically over.