Metric Tube Supplier?

Does anyone know of any good steel tubing suppliers. I need a few different sizes, all of which cannot be found at any local hardware store, in square and rectangular shapes. Also, I found one supplier already and they had so many sizes to choose from. But they only ship large quanities to companies, not to the individual. So if anyone knows of any suppliers that can supply the following sizes for a decent price, your help would be very much appreciated. The sizes I need are 40mm square with 2.5mm wall, 25.4mm square with 2.5mm wall, 20mm square with 2mm wall, 40X20mm with 2mm wall, 35X16mm with 1.5mm wall.

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BryceC171 year ago

sounds like your reading a book by P. A. Luty. be careful

rickharris7 years ago

A quick google shows up these in NJ

rickharris7 years ago
Then it's the internet and paying for delivery - Steel is heavy so it may be worth travelling a bit to get to a supplier.

Metric sizes shouldn't be any problem even in the USA.

rickharris7 years ago
You don't say where you are - the Internet is a global media!

However you should be able to use your local directory (or the internet) to search for steel stock holders.

bombmaker2 (author)  rickharris7 years ago
My bad. I'm in NJ. And by that I assume you mean a local supplier which there are none near me.