Micro USB Serial connection to arduino?

I was planning on getting an Android tablet (Archos 70) and connecting it to an arduino to make a telepresence robot like shown here. I was wondering how i would make a Serial connection from the tablet to the arduino. I know there is an audio serial output, but then i can't have audio for the robot operator. And bluetooth has been ruled out as to expensive. The cellbots that are currently used are connected by usb mini, but the tablet uses micro.  Thanks a Bunch!

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nicelly5 years ago
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Buy an adapter cable.
Chowmix12 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
but how does that help me? I dont think buying an adapter would do much.
The Archos 7 and 70 series use a mini-USB as both Host and Slave. To make it a Host, you need to either create your own cable (see here http://bit.ly/hYioJl) or buy one from Samsung.

Then you need the libraries to make the USB work as serial. I have not found documentation about that. I wonder if it is done yet.

What I did found today was this: http://bit.ly/hw8fFf. The Arduino board uses the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) protocol to talk to Android. So Arduino is the Host and the phone is the slave. Quite smart.

An laternative is to use Bluetooth, but I looked at the prices of an Arduino Bluetooth breakout board and that alone is 69 USD
Then I suggest you refine your question. Since modern arduinos, like the duemilenova HAVE USB on board, all you need is a USB cable.

Chowmix12 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Ok, so you're saying that the USB host on the Archos 70 could be used to directly connect the arduino to it using the regular programing cable? Because the cellbots use an HTC breakout board for ttl inputs going to the arduino's pin 0 & 1.
Should work directly.