Microphones, speakers, car batteries and saxophone?

 Ok, so here is my plan. After looking at the GRL's tricycle boom box, I wanted to build a simple pair, involving two large speakers, a car battery, and a microphone. The microphone is because I'd like to make it a giant amplifier, for live saxophone music. Would attaching the a car battery to two speakers, then a microphone work. Or would the speakers just blow? 

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Re-design7 years ago
Not just any mic will work this way.  You need a carbon mic.  Like what used to be in telephone handsets.

Otherwise you will have to add an amp to the mix of parts you have.  You can get amps from lots of things like boomboxes, tape players, car radios etc.
Yes. You need an amp.
A carbon mike is nowhere near a PA amplifier though: he needs an amp.

Is there anything else in the device besides the battery, speakers, and microphone? Like a boom box or something?
JohnJY (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
 Well I wanted to use it like a saxophone amplifier.  If other parts are cheap or can be harvested, or collected, I can use them surely. 
See re-design's comment for what I was getting at. You will most likely need an amplifier circuit in addition to the mic and speakers, which you could get by passing the mic signal through something like a boom box.