Microsoft Office Small Business edition; Differences?

I had a question about MS Office XP Small Business Edition 2002 edition.

I recently came across the first picture (my Uncle gave it to me).

I don't know what the difference is between Small Biz edition or normal.

So I guess I'm asking...
  • What's the Difference between Small Business and Home?
  • Do I get multiple installs with a single key with SBE?
  • If so, How many / Unlimited?
  • And what does the second image mean?

Picture of Microsoft Office Small Business edition; Differences?
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110100101108 years ago
as far as i know. not sure office home - 1 computer or 3 computers (clearly stated on box) office small business - 1 desktop computer and 1 notebook. cannot be used on both computers at the same time not oem edition can be moved between computers (deleted on one and installed on other). i dont know how much times office stops working after some time if you dont register it
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
or you can do it mai way, and ask the pirates.... : )
xACIDITYx (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
...? Wrong topic?
if you need a key, you can get a key generator, and use that CD many times you can activate 100's of PCs without activating them, but after 30 days, the OS while not work until you activate it
in the second sentence, the first 'activate' should be install
there are cracks that disable the 30 day countdown without activation but with advances in openoffice etc there is less sense each day to pirate microsoft products. openoffice writer allready fully replaced word for me and i work on powerpoint at school only any wai
xACIDITYx (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
Ah, i see now what you meant.